How to Play to Your Strengths and Thrive


5 ways to leverage strengths and improve well-being

At an early age, we are often taught that in order to succeed, we must overcome our weaknesses. As a result, many people have dedicated their energy to following this recommendation.

What if the recipe for success is actually the opposite? What if we can achieve better results and reach our full potential by developing our personal strengths rather than fixing our weaknesses?

As a coach and practitioner of positive psychology (the study of human flourishing), I am in favor of playing to our strengths. The concept of “flourishing” includes nurturing, developing and celebrating our strengths rather than concentrating on fixing our weaknesses, or what I refer to as non-strengths.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that nurturing your strengths means ignoring your non-strengths. Rather the best approach is to focus on your strengths as a way to manage and minimize non-strengths.

Each of us possess unique personal strengths and talents with which to create and live a meaningful life. And by nurturing and developing our personal strengths, the results can be more rewarding in experiencing a sense of well-being — joy, health, wealth, abundance and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

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