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Amplify Your Income, Impact & Influence via a Thriving Business With Meriflor Toneatto
Amplify Your Income, Impact & Influence via a Thriving Business With Meriflor Toneatto

I have a flourishing multiple six-figure business with big impact.

Meriflor has truly helped me transform my money relationship.

I now feel more empowered in my business and life than ever before.

Our work together has resulted in having a flourishing multi-six figure practice while making a big impact serving women and families.

Barbara Fuller
Attorney, United States

I’m on the Millionaire Difference Makers™ Path — creating a prosperous business in alignment with my purpose and highest calling

Meriflor crossed my path at a point when I felt really stuck with my business..  It all felt very overwhelming. I knew that I needed help and to do something about my money mindset.

I chose Meriflor out of quite a number of business coaches her message really resonated with me. I was especially triggered by what she was saying about how our relationship with money has a great influence on how successful we are in business. I came to understand that I needed to do something about my money mindset.

She has helped me discover how I have been holding myself back in creating a successful business (the core of the matter being: not allowing myself to be successful, including with money).

Today I am on the Millionaire Difference Makers™ Path and building a prosperous business in alignment with my purpose and higher calling.

What I love about Meriflor’s coaching is her holistic approach, her expertise, her enthusiasm and the way she interacts with me; encouraging, playful, helpful, authoritative, inspiring, adaptable, compassionate, empathic and creative. Meriflor knows what she is talking about.

I am now well on my way taking my business to the next level, doing what I love to do with much more confidence than before, creating great transformational programs for my clients to help them become more effective in achieving their desires and at the same time I am seeing my income rise.

Working with Meriflor is absolutely worth the investment.

Leona Bishop
CEO, Bishopsway Training, Netherlands & Curacao

I fully embrace my calling as a leader

What a joyful awakening to work with Meriflor. She is a superb strategist and coach. She has helped me to fully embrace my calling and raise my visibility as a leader, and advocate of my mission, message and legacy in a way that feels authentic, graceful and powerful.

If you want to learn how to unleash your unique version of celebrity, then I highly recommend working with Meriflor!

Dr. Delicia Haynes, M.D.
CEO & Founder of Family First Health Center, United States

I embrace my soul’s purpose with grace and sense of abundance.”

“What if there were a different story?” When Meriflor posed that pivotal question, it catalyzed a deep transformative journey.

Through her expert coaching and guidance, Meriflor has helped me to create a spiritual relationship with money that has expanded my perspective on what’s possible for my life and business.

I am so grateful for Meriflor’s skills, wisdom and humour along this journey. She has helped me to embrace my soul’s purpose with grace, ease and a sense of abundance.

Lisa Watson
CEO, Strategies for Social Impact, Canada

I dramatically increased my income & impact.”

Meriflor is a masterful coach. Her skill at taking very complex issues and distilling them into their simplest form and therefore most impactful, provided me with key breakthroughs in developing my marketing plan for my healthcare leadership coaching business.

The shifts this has made in my confidence to state my fees with certainty as well as ask for fees that represent my value and the value of my work never would have occurred without Meriflor’s guidance and masterful coaching to ask the tough questions and hold me powerful even when I couldn’t do so for myself.

And she does all of this in a very kind, loving and gentle yet direct approach!
We worked on finding my value, connecting myself to my value to my money and to my big WHY.

As a result, my relationship with my money has dramatically shifted to honoring what money represents in my life and how my generating more of it, allows me to have a greater impact for the clients I serve. 

Meriflor made it fun so I felt genuinely supported and no matter what I said, she was right there to guide me to my next breakthrough and not let me stay stuck in Monkey Mind!

Thank you Meriflor from the bottom of my Heart.  And as I said to you before:  “My Soul thanks you as well!”

Quenby Rubin-Sprague
Corporate Healthcare Leadership Expert, United States

“Meriflor has a natural gift for seeing the authentic celebrity in women and helping to extract that brilliance and showcase it into a powerful message.”

With just one strategic conversation, Meriflor helped me clarify my message so I can use it to accelerate my reach and create a bigger impact.

What’s beautiful is she does this in such an authentic and meaningful way, allowing your own unique brilliance to shine.

Samantha Lyttle
Leadership & Money Mentor for Soulful Business Women, Australia

“Meriflor created a safe space to get to the root of what has been holding me back and helped me with practical tips that I can put into place right away.”

Her intuitive nature combined with her financial savvy and business coaching helped me dive in and heal some of those old money wounds so that I can jump into my legal coaching business with both feet.

If you are even thinking of healing your old money story to remove blocks in your way, I can’t say enough good things about Meriflor!

Lisa Fraley
Legal Coach + Attorney, United States

I feel more powerful and love how my business is developing.”

Meriflor is a gentle and powerful force for advancement.

Before working with Meriflor I was feeling overwhelmed with all the possible actions to take in my coaching business and I was stretching myself to exhaustion.

With Meriflor’s coaching and support I realized what actions to take I created my first group program, gave self-care some more attention, raised my fees and got some support on technical issues for my site. I now feel more powerful and I love how my coaching business is developing.

Meriflor is an attentive, acknowledging coach. She stands behind you and your goals and is not afraid to give you some tough love when you need it.

If you are wondering whether to work with Meriflor, don’t lose any more time, do it and get busy reaching your goals.

Anna Korkman Lopes
Passion and Brilliance Entrepreneurial Coach, Brazil

I have the confidence to take my business to the next level.”

After connecting with the principles in her book, I knew working one-on-one with Meriflor was what I needed to move forward-and did I ever!

Most importantly, I gained insight and clarity as to my purpose for creating & implementing the program.

Until meeting Meriflor I had the desire, but not the understanding as to “why” it was of value to me personally.

Understanding the value & knowing my role & strengths have given me the confidence & vision needed to take the business to the next level.

Meriflor coaches with compassion and genuine enthusiasm – I will continue working with her as the program evolves!

Tetia McMichael
Founder, Chicks Unhitched, United States

I confidently embrace the new version of me and my business.”

Meriflor has a gift for recognizing each person’s potential and masterfully crafting a powerful description for who they are destined to be.

She will lovingly inspire you to boldly step up to this bigger vision, and help you shed the fear that is holding you back, so you can confidently embrace the new version of yourself and of your business.

Bettina Langerfeldt
Money Coach and Mentor for the Christian Business Woman, Chile

“Working with Meriflor helped me see clearly that my actions were causing me to not move my business forward, and that I was leaving money on the table.”

Before working with Meriflor, I was frustrated because I wasn’t making the money that I wanted to make in my business.

I wasted time, money and constantly procrastinated because I didn’t know what to do or how to do it.  I didn’t realize that I could get out of my own way and Meriflor showed me how.

She helped me set time and money boundaries as well as learn to make better decisions.  I got clear about what I was doing and how to do it.

If you are struggling with making money and feeling as if you won’t be able to make a go of your business, I can’t recommend Meriflor and her program enough to help you get through it!  I did and I have Meriflor to thank for it.

Kim Ravida
Business Success Coach, United States

“I made the decision to work with Meriflor because I was STUCK!”

I wasn’t moving forward with my business or the important decisions I was facing because  I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to clarify accurate first steps.

Meriflor was the catalyst that moved me out of “stuck” and back into “productive”. 

Our work also helped re-ignite my spark for my business and aligned me with my ideal target client, which I had been grappling with for months.

I’m grateful for the guidance and clear process Meriflor provided me with.

Michelle Wolf
Business and Life Coach, Canada

Meriflor helped me truly value myself in a way I never have before.”

Meriflor is a powerful coach.  She has helped me move from  confusion and uncertainty to being so clear about where I’m going with my life and business.

She has helped me move from confusion and uncertainty to being so clear about where I’m going with my life and business.

Meriflor sees your potential when you can’t see it for yourself and communicates this in such a way that you can really own your own magnificence and the contribution you are here to make.

Meriflor helped me shift some deep money blocks that I had been carrying for years. She helped me truly value myself in a way I never have before.

Rosemary Cunningham
Transformational Coach, United Kingdom

I have clarity on moving forward in my business in a powerful way. 

Meriflor is a masterful coach.  She is gifted at helping you go from confusion to clarity quickly with grace and ease.

Meriflor has helped me refine my speaking platform and also helped me gain clarity on moving forward in my business in a powerful way. By having my speaking platform clearly defined, it has also helped me to get clear on how to structure my future offerings. 

What I find amazing is that she can really take a concept swirling in a person’s head as well as their intuitive knowing of what they want to do, and filter through all the information and just pull out a CLEAR and concise outcome.  Her “ability” to do this is a gift and she is brilliant at it!

Nafissa Shireen
Master Coach, International Speaker and Business Strategist, Canada

“All I can say is WOW!”

In only one short strategy session, Meriflor helped me get clarity on a business decision that has been nagging me for months.

Meriflor is thoughtful, patient, insightful and empowering.  I am getting off the fence and taking action in a purposeful way, thanks to Meriflor’s help.

She is an awesome coach and I highly recommend her.

Stacy Hartman
Business and Life Leadership Coach, United States

I have clarity on how to value my worth and move forward in my business with clear action steps.”

Meriflor combines her intuition, expertise and sheer fun in an awesome and transformative day.  My VIP Day with Meriflor was incredible.  The whole experience from start to finish was pure fun – I truly felt like a VIP!

She was able to focus on my specific problems and blast through my blocks very quickly.

We went very deep, very fast and at the end of our day together I had a crystal clear understanding of my relationship with money, how to value my worth and move forward in my business with clear actions steps.

Her program is awesome.  I highly recommend you give it a try yourself!

Siobhan Barnes
Founder, The Neon Life Society, Hong Kong

Meriflor’s laser focused coaching produces crystal clear results!

I started out not being sure about the direction I needed to take with my business, and now my focus is clear.

I am able to start working towards something now instead of flopping around like a “fish out of water”.

Meriflor helped me find my niche, define my ideal client and get clarity so that I can move forward.

I am so excited at the possibilities ahead of me.  Meriflor’s laser focused coaching produces crystal clear results!  Thank you Meriflor for helping me move forward.  You are amazing! 

Denise Rae
Owner Simply Handmade Cards, United States

“Meriflor helped me go from zero income to $3K within 30 days, and my income keeps increasing dramatically!”

Before working with Meriflor, I was lost and ready to give up on my dream of being an entrepreneur.

I was even considering getting a job, but instead I signed up for Meriflor’s Charge and Get Paid What You’re Worth VIP program to give my dream one last shot.

During our sessions, she pushed me to dig deep to identify and release the blocks that were holding me back.  By the end of day two, something extraordinary happened.  I was completely transformed!  I had found confidence in the power of change.

Meriflor helped me believe in myself and find the courage to unleash the “inner rebel” within me that I had hidden away for too long.  With her coaching we created a plan for success that has changed the course of my business and my life.

By embracing my “inner rebel” I have found true balance to empower myself and be a true leader in my industry. I’m excited for what the future holds because I know that I’m making a difference doing what I love while also making great income.

Meriflor is an incredible coach and her program exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend working with her.  It will positively change your life!

Rebecca Wardlow
Social Media and Google+ Expert, United States

“Meriflor is magisterial in her coaching!”

As an expert in money, manifestation and miracles I was expecting broader concepts, however what I received was an in-depth, step by step, guided session that broughot clarity, focus and the power that I really needed.

Meriflor helped me refine my platform for delivering my programs, and in doing so it also helped me get clear on how to structure my marketing.

She easily took what has been swirling around in my mind, intuitively connected to understanding what I wanted to do, and then with specific details and great clarity, she laid it out for me.

It has made my whole process of implementing easy and fun!  She is a brilliant coach who truly “gets you”, identifies with you and is able to pull your brilliance out with focus and ease.  Thank you Meriflor for being magnetic in your approach to life and business, and showing other women it’s possible!

Andrea Carter
CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior

“Working with Meriflor has transformed my relationship with money in powerful and profound ways”

By implementing one simple strategy, it generated an extra $3,500.00 in my income within 24 hours.

Most importantly, Meriflor enabled me see where I had been seriously under charging.

She empowered me to price my services based on the value I provide. This realization and actions helped me take my income over the 6-figure mark for the time and I continue to make much more!

Melodye Hunter
Website Strategist + Designer, United States

I love who you are in my life…The Millionaire Difference Makers Mentor.”

Thank you Meriflor.   Everything comes into place every time I step up!

I love who you are in my life…The “Millionaire Difference Makers Mentor”. All mentors have mentors.

Melyssa Moniz
Founder & Mentor, Boss Babe Nation, Canada

“She will inspire you as she has me to rise, rise and rise again.

I’ve worked for the past six months with this beautiful woman, Meriflor Toneatto. She is kind, wise, and utterly needless.  She is doing everything to see that women live up to the power they already have.

Beth Martens
Voice Liberator and Business Coach, Canada

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