Wealth Begins with Health

3 Tips for Making Self-Care a Priority

When people think of wealth, prosperity and abundance, we often first think of money. And while money is definitely a key factor, there are other factors that contribute to experiencing true wealth and prosperity.

Moreover, true wealth and prosperity is really about having holistic wealth in all areas of your life.

This includes six areas — having richness of love and joy in your relationships; vitality in your health and well-being; a deep connection with Divine Source (or however you define God and Higher Power); passion for doing what you love; generating income to support your highest purpose; and enjoying a life of quality, meaning and fulfillment.

Of these six areas, the underpinning element to experiencing wealth is firstly having vitality in your health and well-being.

Let’s face it, without having vitality in your health, it’s very hard to enjoy everything else. I am referring to the following areas of health — physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. These are the basis to enable you to create, generate and enjoy wealth and prosperity in all ways.

I was recently reminded of this very fact while in bed and feeling under the weather. My mind would race and get excited to complete something, but I just didn’t have the energy to act on it. And while we have all heard this before, it does bear repeating…Your wealth is dependent on your health.

For many leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission, we often get side-tracked from nurturing ourselves and making our own self-care a priority. This can often lead to self-blame, secret resentments and even burn-out.

So in the spirit of preserving your health and wealth, here are three tips and ways to honor and nurture yourself starting today. If it seems simple, well, it is. I find that it’s the simple things that we tend to forget or skip.

Tip #1 — Practice being “self-full” — Commit to putting your needs first, without feeling guilty. This is a big one, especially for women as we can often put our family, children and partner ahead of ourselves.

Putting your needs first is a form of practicing being “self-full” rather than being “selfish”. When practicing this, you will benefit and so will those around you because you are operating at your best.

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